KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) OÜ
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Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH, Germany
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Load cell weight weighing equipment (load cells, weight sensors) and instrumentation.

Thanks to the expertise and leading position in the global market, the company HBM offers a wide range of weight equipment and high quality measuring equipment: strain gages and accessories, force sensors, weight sensors (weighing sensors),load cells, weights, weight load cells and weighing electronics (weighing equipment), load cells, force, torque strain gauges, load cells, pressure, inductive displacement sensors, single channel and multichannel systems of data collection and processing, calibration equipment,measuring equipment, and software for fast acquisition and processing of measurement results. Network of offices, KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) OÜ makes available the products of the company HBM in any point of Russia and abroad.